"completing the Great commission is not dependent on the
West Going To the Rest But reached Going to the unreached"

- Steve schirmer, president silk road catalyst

What people are saying

  • "I would like to let you know that our conversation this spring had a great deal of impact on the direction i am choosing to take with career decisions. per our conversation, i have decided that I would love to pursue finance for a brief period of time (in usa) to acquire essential skills then take them back to china to serve in missions." rhodes - src intern
  • "this seminar has put the great commission of Jesus Christ into correct perspective. i am blessed." pastor anghkul, after attending an SRC seminar in south asia
  • "i believe, serve with and support silk road catalyst. i'm certain their vision of missions and mobilization of the next generation of missionaries will prove impactful for decades to come." rev. jimmy vaughn, pastor, Authentic Life fellowship
  • "Steve mentored me and another pastor and he also helped me learn how
    to reach out to Tibetan students in my city.
    pastor zhou, east asia

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